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Agile Enterprise Transformation
Transforming legacy platforms into scalable, robust architectures

At Tremend, we drive agility into high complexity, large-scale projects through the right mix of technologies, best in class CI/CD (Continuous integration and Continuous deployment) processes and world-class software engineers.

We specialize in delivering turnkey solutions such as customer care portals, eCommerce platforms, enterprise mobility or omnichannel banking platforms, while using microservices, big data, analytics, public and private cloud architectures. Our software engineers have developed over 100+ apps using iOS, Android and other hybrid mobile technologies, also ensuring the integration with enterprise systems, vehicles and IoT devices.

Located in Bucharest - one of the most dynamic technology hubs in Eastern Europe, Tremend has successfully completed over 300 complex projects for leading companies in banking, finance, telecom commerce, automotive, as well as professional and medical services.

Technical Areas

  • Magento Development
  • Microservices
  • Big Data
  • Analytics
  • Public and Private cloud architectures

Our Services

Web platforms

We help our clients build competitive customer experiences by engineering highly scalable, user centric and robust web platforms. And, we do this while minimising business-risk and build-cost.

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Enterprise solutions

Working with SMEs and Fortune 500 companies for over 5 years, Tremend builds complex and highly performant ERP and CRM solutions currently handling over 30 million users.

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With an excellent track record in delivering eCommerce end-to-end solutions, Tremend implemented platforms serving more than 2 million users: from online stores to complex deployments for the banking industry.

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Mobile Application

12 years of experience in mobile development, 100+ apps delivered for clients worldwide, multiple awards and a team of passionate experts. We have what it takes to turn your ideas into reality.

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Custom Software Development

With 200+ custom projects successfully delivered for customers in over 20 countries worldwide, Tremend’s roots are in custom software development, designing and building customized solutions over the last decade.

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UX and UI design

Designing seamless User Experiences and User Interfaces for complex software solutions serving over 60 million end-users.We deliver the full stack of design services for fluent usability with software solutions.

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Software Testing

Ensuring flawless code for applications and interfaces. We help you make sure that software works perfectly before your clients first experience the product. Our QA specialists use reliable tools and procedures to thoroughly test code, functionality and the digital customer journey.

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Case Studies

During the last 12 years, we have delivered over 300 complex projects for companies around the world.

Among the highlights is Orange My Account, a complex customer care web solution capable of handling several million concurrent users during peak times. Another example is ING Bazar, a highly scalable Card-Linked Loyalty solution, a platform scaled for millions of transactions.

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Private Cloud
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