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Executive summary 

Essentra Components needed a new marketplace platform to allow them to serve millions of potential customers from all over the globe. They wanted to upgrade their existing eCommerce platform to an improved and most importantly faster solution offering a more user-centric interface. Since the project started in Q1/2018, Tremend has involved over 20 engineers in it. Q1/2020 has passed the 2 years mark of providing platform development and maintenance services.

The client 

Essentra Components is one of the market leaders in vinyl dip molded, plastic injection molded and metal components manufacturing. In addition to manufacturing, they also offer distribution services to a global market. For over 65 years, the company has delivered high-end solutions to over 80,000 businesses, in industries such as equipment manufacturing, automotive, fabrication, electronics, and construction. Essentra operates three main divisions: Components, Packaging, and Filters. Essentra’s network extends to over 33 countries and includes millions of products they manufacture and distribute.

Essentra Components
Business Challenge 

The main challenge for Tremend was to overcome the technical shortcomings of the eCommerce platform running on an infrastructure provided by a legacy hosting provider. The platform was technologically outdated and no longer fit for the new technology stack intended for the upgraded solution. The hosting was also more expensive than other options available on the hosting market. Product updates were slow and ineffective, leading to major eCommerce KPIs like bounce and conversion rates to stay below the target values set at the business level.

Solution delivered by Tremend 

Tremend performed the successful relocation of the entire solution to Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Platform, which offered increased and scalable performance and provided consistent improvement in the solution update cycles speed, thus allowing implementation of a truly continuous deployment flow.


The infrastructure relies on DC/OS with Marathon, while the CI/CD is implemented with Oracle Container Pipelines (Wercker). Provisioning and configuration management was based on Azure Resource Manager and Ansible, while the site monitoring was performed with Sysdig, Loggly, and Grafana.


As a direct result, the site has significantly higher page-load speed, a much lower bounce rate and increased engagement rate, while implementing a streamlined back-end design that allows Essentra to keep tabs on their stocks, sales, and inventory in almost real-time, with great accuracy.


Broadleaf Commerce
Apache Camel
Apache Mesos

Tremend delivered a high-end eCommerce platform running on a complex microservice-based architecture. This new platform allowed Essentra Components to gain a competitive edge in the market and attract more customers, while dramatically increasing platform availability, uptime, and resiliency. 


The new platform reached and even surpassed the engagement and conversion KPIs values, driving the business forward. As a result, Essentra Components was able to enjoy a multi-sites single-payment platform, better Google indexing and conversion, and multi-faceted browsing.

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