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Executive summary 

Tremend has built the iOS mobile application for iRewind, a Swiss Tech startup, based at the Innovation Park of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne. The company created a hardware and software solution allowing sports enthusiasts to capture their performance and provide them with personal movies directly on their smartphones. The solution is connected to the iRewind “smart poles” that integrate cameras, network technology and self operating energy source, capturing individual footage of participants mostly on sporting events.

Working with various partners to install cameras in resorts around Europe and beyond, the company aims to make the application available all over the world.

The client 

iRewind is a successful Swiss Tech startup, based at the Innovation Park of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne. iRewind captures, assembles and delivers life events as personal video memories, stored on the iRewind social media network (“the iRewind portal”) and the mobile applications. The users can find movies of them and their loved ones and can interact by sharing and customizing their videos. The philosophy is to focus on the “rewind” instead of the record button: every time there is a moment worth remembering, this solution can retrieve it.


Winner of the Grand Prix at Geneva International Invention Salon 2014 and the Swiss ICT Newcomer Award 2014, iRewind is becoming a worldwide success.

Business Challenge 

The challenge was to build a functional and user friendly iOS app that would allow the iRewind fans to easily access the innovative solution through their phone, besides the already built portal.

Solution delivered by Tremend 

Completing the portal, build also by Tremend, the iRewind mobile application allows users to share HD movies with themselves from skiing experiences in iRewind enabled locations worldwide.

The only thing users need to do is to start the app once they get to the ski slope, then ski as usual. As they ski down the slope, they will see the iRewind cameras, easily recognizable from a distance. Based on the GPS tracking done by the app, the users get beautifully edited movies accessing the internet, either through 3G or wireless. The app also allows movie editing and sharing.



RESTful Web Services
OAuth 2.0
Apache Tomcat

iRewind has the potential to bring a tonus to the public video market, similar to what Polaroid did to the photo industry, bringing in instant gratification by embedding the film processing in the imaging solution: and to instantly deliver to your mobile a sample of “your sport videos as a service”. Building the iRewind iOS mobile app, Tremend contributed to the company’s success, becoming a trustworthy technical partner. Besides the above mentioned prizes the company has received, the iRewind mobile app was recognized as “The coolest entertainment app” by Mobile Awards Romania 2014.



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