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ModSolar Platform
Executive summary 

Created for the renewable energy industry, the ModSolar Platform is a sales and marketing tool for solar panel providers that enables automated system design, proposal generation, contract generation, lead management, and business process management. Using various technologies including Java EE 6, Spring 4, Maven and jQuery, Tremend contributed to its entire process of development. The ModSolar Platform has been used to quote over $3 Billion worth of installations in the past year.

The client 

Founded in 2011, ModSolar is a Philadelphia-based company that has already become nationally known as a leader in software and technology solutions for solar providers. The company develops software that dramatically reduces the “soft costs” involved in solar sales, solar system design, production of high-quality solar proposals and all the paperwork surrounding solar installations. Tens of millions of dollars per day in solar proposals are being generated through ModSolar’s software platform, representing an estimated 5% of the solar market in the United States. Additionally, hundreds of ModSolar users, including corporate clients such as SunEdison, Enphase Energy, GAF, Hudson Solar and Southern Energy Management, produce over 1,500 solar proposals each week.

Solution delivered by Tremend 

Becoming the company’s technical partner, Tremend has helped building the ModSolar Platform, a cloud-based proposal generation system which currently includes patent-pending panel layout technology, energy usage and payback (which provides an instant analysis of customer return on investment), proposal generation, financing options, lead generation and qualification with lists of solar-ready homes with qualified owners, CRM integration, and custom software development. The solution enables solar providers to produce solar proposals and contracts in less than five minutes, including the (patent-pending) placement of panels on an image of the prospect’s roof, as well as the calculation of the return on the solar investment.


Java EE
Apache Maven

Contributing to the development of the ModSolar Platform, Tremend has helped the ambitious startup behind it become a leader in software and technology solutions for the Renewable Energy Industry. With tens of millions of dollars worth of generated proposals per day, this software solution covers nearly 5% of the solar market in the United States.


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