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The Oana Nicolau clinic
Executive summary 

Tremend partnered up with Oana Nicolau clinic for their Salesforce implementation project. Basically, our team has set up the Salesforce environment, the security protocols, objects, automations, and the dashboard.

The client 

The Oana Nicolau clinic is a Romanian private healthcare institution with offices in Bucharest and Cluj Napoca. With years of experience in the therapy industry, their goal is to create a safer, more comfortable world, where everyone can talk freely about the challenges they encounter at work, school, or in their private lives, and ask for the help they need. 


The company has over 30 experienced therapists with different areas of expertise, who share a single goal, which is to help people accomplish their dreams and achieve their purpose in life.

The Oana Nicolau clinic
Business Challenge 

Oana Nicolau’s clinic main need was to replace their old CRM with Salesforce, an improved platform that stores all data in the cloud. Due to Tremend’s expertise in Salesforce implementation and due to our status as certified Salesforce partner, we had the privilege of being selected for this project.

Solution delivered by Tremend 

Tremend designed a complete Salesforce integration plan. Our specialists drew the schema of the organization, set up licenses, created sandboxes & passwords, set up security, defined the page layout, set up automations, and created the reporting and dashboard tools.



The implementation of the Salesforce CRM was successful. Now, Oana Nicolau clinic can provide a superior experience to their customers, gain the peace of mind that all their data is safe, and quickly access the information needed remotely on any device. They can also leverage all the perks of Salesforce in order to grow their business and expand to new markets.

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