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Embedded Programming Solutions
From innovative startups to the largest car manufacturers in the world, our customers rely on our embedded systems programming services to turn their innovative ideas into best-selling products.

From innovative startups to the largest car manufacturers in the world, our customers rely on our embedded systems programming services to turn their innovative ideas into best-selling products. At Tremend, we are proud to always be two steps ahead of the curve and offer advanced embedded programming tools and solutions to help your company grow.

Over the years, we have mastered numerous embedded software development tools and debugging techniques. We’ve done pretty much everything, from building cutting edge solutions for Wi-Fi irrigation controllers and creating bluetooth-enabled devices to designing car infotainment systems and devices that gather sensor data, we are experts in the Automotive, M2M and IoT industries.

All our embedded systems development services combine the standard hardware and user interface with modern connectivity, proximity and software technologies. Using our extensive experience in embedded hardware development and design, we create high-end microprocessors and microcontrollers.

At Tremend, we’ve managed to cover the full embedded software development process, utilizing the entire embedded systems development cycle and automotive-specific v-cycle software development plus Functional Safety activities and processes. From creating the product strategy and the product design to developing the project and implementing the required embedded integrations & testing, we are doing it all.

Why Choose Tremend as your Embedded Programming Partner?

There is no doubt that embedded software requires outstanding technical skills and know-how. With over 15 years of hands-on experience in hardware, firmware, embedded os and embedded app development, Tremend’s team of passionate & skilled developers can deliver high-end solutions by applying their hardware expertise to the development process.

At Tremend we are using the most advanced embedded systems software development tools. We’re constantly accepting new challenges and we’re driving innovation to whole new levels. By applying our expertise to the embedded software development process, we can deliver high-end embedded programming solutions, complemented by our software testing and chip design verification services.

Our goal is to leverage all types of embedded systems in order to meet the exact requirements of each one of our customers. We guarantee total transparency, thus giving our clients the peace of mind that the project is in good hands.

Our Way of Working

At Tremend, we have a unique approach that puts security and quality assurance above all else. We employ a Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SSDLC), which is largely based on the SAMM model from OWASP. We also have a delegated security architect (SA) that works closely with the project’s technical leader (PTL) and the development team to apply the SSDLC.

We use a wide range of internal tools to promote best practices and encourage creativity. This enables us to monitor and keep under supervision technical debt.

Tools we Use

  • Atlassian suite (Jira, BitBucket, Confluence) for task management, documentation and source control
  • TestRail for test case management
  • Jenkins - for automating processes and CI/CD pipelines
  • Video & audio calling, Slack, Skype - for communication
  • Jira & Intervals for time tracking
  • Internal own written tool bridging processes between all of the above

Our Embedded Software Services

  • Automotive IVI - Linux-based systems for infotainment (GENIVI)
  • ISO26262 Functional Safety
  • Embedded Linux
  • Android OS integration on custom hardware
  • Security hardening of embedded applications
  • PKI infrastructure and client software setup
  • File system tuning and optimization
  • System boot time optimization
  • User interfaces for embedded devices
  • Wireless networking
  • Connecting embedded systems to Android and iOS mobile devices
  • Custom Software Engineering for Embedded Systems
  • AutoSAR MCAL development and tools
  • LLVM compiler for new architectures
  • Linux Drivers and kernel development
  • Apply AI and ML techniques to embedded systems
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Lars Nielsen
We like to think of the relationship between Blubell and Tremend not in terms of a supplier relationship but rather as an integrated partnership despite the geographical distance between our two companies.
Andrej Poljanc
Every single minute work with Tremend is worth the investment. We've received amazing results already! To be honest you can not beat the service, delivered quality in time and the people that I have dealt with!
Sune Toft
We found Tremend to be a professional partner, who easily understands the requirements and improves the overall result with insight and technical skills.
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