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IoT platforms/ Device prototyping/ End-to-end IoT integration/ LP WAN connectivity

Our customers rely on our software engineers to turn their innovative ideas into best-selling, connected products.

From innovative accident avoidance devices for heavy trucks and one of the best-rated smart irrigation solutions in US, to Mesh Antenna Network for Oil&Gas Prospecting, proximity marketing platforms via Bluetooth, we drive agility into IoT projects of all sizes.

We go beyond connecting devices, to device prototyping, cloud connectivity, security, online service integration, end-to-end IoT platform development or enabling end-to-end product lifecycle management. Our most recent investment, CloudMatix, is an IoT Business Orchestration platform, connecting physical devices with business platforms.

Together with Orange and Actility, start-up of the year in France, Tremend organized CityHack, the competition gathering over 100 specialists in IoT and Narrowband technologies. In just 24 hours, the teams prototyped and showcased 13 innovative IoT solution leveraging LoRa technologies, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.


IoT Services

  • Low-Power, Wide Area Network solutions, using NB-IoT
  • Device prototyping
  • Cloud connectivity and security
  • Online services integration
  • IoT platform as a service development

Case Studies

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