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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Services
Stay ahead of the curve by leveraging the sheer power of AI & ML

Tremend offers a wide range of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) services to enable you to grow your business and outsmart your competitors. We have developed a bespoke tool called the “Tremend Machine Learning Foundation” whose aim is to create a streamlined code model for any type of ML activity.

Using this model, we focus on improving the development process of any ML or AI component, thus reducing churn rate and boosting performance. We use content-based solutions from statistical analysis, such as Latent Semantic Analysis and Latent Dirichlet Allocation, to deep learning models, such as word2vec, to generate topics faster and improve the topic modeling activities. We developed a dockerized environment based on clustering models, probabilistic techniques and deep learning to evaluate and prevent hazards in eCommerce systems.

With us by your side, you can capitalize on all the benefits of AI and ML:

  • Enhance your brand’s presence online and be perceived as a trustworthy company in your niche
  • Boost your business’ efficiency
  • Reduce the probability of human error
  • Take security to a whole new level and stay protected against modern fraud
  • Help elevate the human condition and use the innovation in technology to improve people’s lives

Our Artificial Intelligence Services

AI, ML, DL: natural language processing (NLP), anomaly detection (AD), churn prediction, image processing/computer vision (CV), biometrics/identification, chatbots, fraud, risk and churn-rate analysis, transcription of video-conferences and notes, sentiment analysis.

  • AI Domain analysis: propose new ways of improving the old structured model, using AI capabilities based on the field activity and data collected
  • Big data analytics: restructuring data and extracting relevant information which can bring new insights directly in a human readable manner or to be used in AI models
  • AI model implementation: starting from scratch we can propose AI techniques, implement and fine-tune them, from natural language processing, computer vision to anomaly and predictive behaviour, all depending on the specific problem and the data collected
  • Data services: deliver solutions to keep in touch with the data in a fast and manner and having fast insight about the utility/relevance of them
  • AI model extension: starting from an already existing AI model we can propose edge solutions to improve it, from data preparation to results interpretation
  • Support and maintenance: in AI field everything advance very fast, thus is very important to keep in touch with the new techniques and have a system up-to-date, we can provide those informations and keep the system at the edge

AI-powered products

  • TORP - Digital Onboarding & Origination Platform
  • TORP for HR - Unattended hiring platform for fully automated HR services
  • observED - Advanced modular eProctoring solution based on biometrics data
  • AI/NLP-Recommender - Context-relevant search and suggestions
  • Silvia - Chatbot for NLP automation and support
  • AI/NLP transcription of video-conferences and notes
  • HumanoID - Smart solution for identity verification and document authenticity validation: research project (in partnership with Bucharest University)
  • Graphomaly - software package for anomaly detection in graphs modeling financial transactions: research project (in partnership with University Politehnica Bucharest and Bucharest University)
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