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Solution Architecture Services
Discover the blueprints for your next-generation IT initiative

Tremend’s solution architecture services offer your team the missing link between business vision and the IT ecosystem. Having blueprints that can be understood by both business and technical team members is essential for a professional understanding and collaboration between teams or companies. This leads to more successful projects due to increased visibility into what will come and increased ownership of the planned activities.

What our architects do best is to think ahead and ensure that the building pillars for your project are robust and well understood by all stakeholders. We’re helping you with a complete risk assessment of your company and services technical aspects, coming up with a bespoke plan on how to fill in the gaps between your current state and the ideal state.

As a result, you’ll be able to benefit from increased transparency between teams and from the best collaborative environment with defined objectives for each team member.

We will guide you to

  • Have a company data security policy
  • Reach your performance requirements by design-stage simulations
  • Prepare for events (i.e., spikes in traffic)
  • Migrate your data and capability from existing systems
  • Develop and implement a Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Execute optimally the infrastructure and application maintenance

Our solution architecture services include the design of

  • Authentication (Identity Provider) & Authorization (CIAM)
  • Networking architecture
  • Application components layout and interactions
  • Cloud and on-premise infrastructure architecture
  • Your application scalability blueprint, based on demand
  • Continuous Integration and Deployment pipelines (CI/CD) definition and implementation
  • Static code analysis strategy and tactics
  • Data redundancy and retention policies and actions
  • GDPR and HIPAA compliance guidelines and enforcement procedures
  • Traceability and Logging facilities

Why Choose Tremend?

We can become your trustworthy business partner for any type of solution architecture needs you might have. With over 15 years of experience in the architecture industry and countless successful authentications, GDPR integrations & audits, cloud architecture deployments, and other similar solution architecture services, we can help your company achieve a competitive solution.

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